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April 2024

The project to develop STEM Innovations and Tinkering Lab aims to enable schools and learning centres to create an environment that fosters learning, creativity and innovation. STEM programme focuses on using the scientific and mathematical aptitude that a school’s curriculum embodies and channels it to find technology and engineering solutions to global problems. It uses emerging concepts like electronics (embedded systems), programming, physical computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, the internet, etc. STEMpedia helps create and nurture this environment with its Innovation Program, which involves establishing a STEM Innovation Lab and provides training over a STEM Curriculum.

The Eritrean Relief Association UK (ERA UK) has supported and partnered with the Students Education Development Centre (SEDC) in Asmara to pilot a STEMpedia development programme. ERA was guided and advised by a group of technical experts. The programme took two years to develop and has been successfully completed with the provision of a one-week training in Asmara of 25 trainers from the 5 administrative Regions

This pilot project is equipped with offline STEM lab equipment, high high-powered server, laptops, long-term courses, and solar energy installation at the centre. Technologies installed focus on programming, artificial intelligence, electronics, robotics, science experiments, drone technology, edutainment, self-driving technology, etc.

The Ministry of Education, while assessing and reviewing the pilot project, it is at the same time in favour of extending the STEM innovation lab to the outer Regions. These would require the support of Eritrean IT experts, funds to purchase equipment and install solar energy systems at each learning centre. The programme’s total cost across the 5 zones is estimated to be around £300,000.

At ERA we feel confident you will agree the proposed development programme to be a worthy cause of your support. This training programme will equip young Eritrean talents to become world-class experts and with the onset of Artificial Intelligence, it is indeed an opportune time to support such a programme which can have immense benefits to Eritrea.

Please donate generously. All proceeds will go solely towards the extension of the STEM educational programme to the five administrative Regions.
For more information please contact the Eritrean Relief Association at this address:

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