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The Eritrean Relief Association (UK) is a charity registered in the UK. As a company limited by guarantee incorporated in England, it is governed by a Memorandum and Article of Association.  It was  set up in 1976 by a group of Eritrean refugees together with British supporters of the Eritrean struggle for independence. Over the following two decades, ERA (UK) has challenged the effects of drought, famine and war by raising funds to run effective relief, health and community-based programmes, both in the liberated parts of the country, and in refugee camps in the Sudan. During the war and famine of the 1970’s and 1980’s it was the only UK based charity working in the war zone, where it played a vital role in facilitating  cross-border relief and rehabilitation operations.

The work of ERA (UK) also included long term development programmes in primary health care, education, training and employment and rehabilitation of refugees and internally displaced people.

Today, ERA (UK) works in partnership with NGOs, Associations, self-help groups and Government departments in Eritrea in furtherance of the goals and objectives for which it was established.  ERA (UK) maintains an independent stand from political, economic, religious or cultural affiliations.

Habtom Tesfay
Mebrak Ghebreweldi
Mehretab Habtu
Seble Ephrem  (Chairperson)
Tesfaldet W Ghilazgi
Tewelde W. Kidan (Trustee)
Yohannes Fassil (Treasurer)