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  • Treat every donation as a gift  and  sign the Gift Aid Form.pdf
  • Organise fundraising events -jumble sale, charity lunches, parties ..etc.
  • Participate in sponsorship runs
  • Use your skills and hobbies to raise fund as a group or individually
  • Contact us to put your name on our bank of volunteers to be called whenever a need for your time is required
  • Raise money in memory of a loved one.  ERA can assist in ensuring your money is spent on your chosen project in Eritrea
  • Shops and other businesses can keep ERA-UK collection tins on their counter for donations from customers
  • Donate any wins, bonuses or windfalls that may come your way
  • Use your own initiative in helping ERA to continue its work. We are open to all genuine efforts within the law

Our work involves emergency relief, rehabilitation and development. What we achieve, depends on the funds we manage to raise.  ERA remains eternally grateful for all donations received from individuals and organisations and appreciates the continued support and generosity of the British public.

You canmake a lasting legacy by remembering ERA-UK in your will.