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Appeal 2008

This year our charity is once again focused on helping to improve the life chances of some of the most disadvantaged babies and children:

1. Those whose mothers are infected with HIV/AIDS, and

2. Those with Autism

There are 2000 babies and children registered with our partner organization in Eritrea.  180 babies are diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive and are on ARV medication to alleviate their conditions. Provision of infant formula and other supplementary foods is urgently required.  Several hundreds who are now orphaned are also in need of clothing and toys.

Support groups for autistic children in Eritrea are calling for assistance in understanding these neural conditions and in providing culturally sensitive support and relevant training (including the provision of books, videos, and any other learning resources) to parents, carers,  teachers and counsellors.

12 SPONSORED RUNNERS will take part in the British 10K London Run on Sunday, 06 July 2008 aiming to raise £7,000.

This year (2008) we are also supporting the Eritrean National Diabetic Association in their efforts to raise awareness and testing diabetic patients. We have supplied them with glucose test strips, glucometers and lancets enough for 2000 people in the Afabet region.