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December 2023
July 12, 2014

The London 10K Runners of 2013 raised £4,418.68 through sponsorship which, together with £2,000 donated by Mesfiney Love Foundation, will go towards the Autism & Down’s Syndrome Project.  The plan is to equip the playground at Medeber School in Asmara with a special range of outdoor exercise/recreation equipment commensurate with their ages and needs.  We are currently in process of selecting and arranging suitable equipment with our partner organisation the National Autism & Down’s Syndrome Association of Eritrea.

April 26, 2013

Emmanuel Soquar Virgin London Marathon 2013 Runner for ERA UK

Two Eritrean athletes graced Virgin London Marathon 2013 – Yared Asmerom and Emmanuel Soquar, both did Eritrea proud! The two compatriots were not exactly running side by side as their missions, though similar, were not the same?

Yared who belongs with the elite top 10 runners was there to sustain Eritrea’s place on the racing map. Seventh in line, he finished in  2 hrs. 8 minutes and 22 seconds

Emmanuel ran his first ever marathon and completed the race, with a smile, despite hamstring injuries. He is supporting ERA-UK’s project for children with Autism and Down’s syndrome in Eritrea.  So far, he has raised £2173.75 REMARKABLE.

Support for Emmanuel is ongoing through his page at

ERA-UK is grateful for your cheers at the Marathon and your kind donations.

October 1, 2012

Sheweet at the finishing lineSheweet warned that she was not racing today’s Olympic Challenge at the Virgin Triathlon, but she promised she would complete the event at all costs. Unflinchingly she started by plunging into the Victoria Docks cold, murky waters and swam the 1500 m single lap in what appeared to be no time, then quickly transitioned to the 40K bike challenge (2 laps). The weather began to turn and the wind was against her towards the end of the ride, but she triumphed. The heightened wind and the on-off rain did not deter Sheweet from completing the final harrowing 10K run (4 laps), with a smile!

Well done Sheweet for being our pioneer in this field.

Please make your donations to Sheweet Kidan at

Sheweet, Triathlon Swim 23.09.2012Sheweet, Triathlon With Fan HabtomSheweet, Triathlon 10K Run