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November 18, 2010


We have one guaranteed Silver Bond place available at the London Marathon.
Challenge yourself while raising funds to make a positive difference in the lives of children in Eritrea affected by HIV/AIDS and those with Autism. For further information and to apply write to giving a brief outline of your running and fundraising experience.

12 brave runners are needed to run 10K and raise much needed funds in support of Bidho children in Eritrea. The experience of all runners of the past four years is that they find the run good for their wellbeing and at the same time satisfying that they are supporting a very worthy cause. 

Mission Statement: Provide care and support for PLWHAS and their families and combat against HIV infection Vision Low stigma and discrimination society and quality life is assured for PLWHAS and their families


  • Promote HIV/AIDS awareness among different communities Activities
  • Provide home-based care services
  • Provide counseling services
  • Support income generating activities
  • Provide skill training
  • Provide positive living training
  • Conduct HIV/AIDS awareness programs
  • Organize stigma and discrimination workshops
July 5, 2010

On 11th July 2010 twelve runners participated in the British 10k Run in London in the aid of ERA-UK�s projects in Eritrea. However, a thirteen runner, Niyat Samuel was unable to run on the day due to ill health and ERA-UK wishes her a speedy recovery.

One of the runners, Juliet, was six months pregnant and she celebrated her engagement to another runner, Alan, on the day. ERA-UK would like to congratulate the happy couple on their engagement. We also would like to thank Iyassu Yohannes, who runs every year for the last 4 years in support of our causes. All runners finished in good health and it took them between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

After the race, all the runners and their friends and family, and members of trustees directors of ERA-UK had an Eritrean style picnic at St. James Park. The foods and drinks were donated by Fiori Belay as a show of her support to ERA-UK�s activities. ERA-UK would like to take this opportunity to thank Fiori for her unreserved support she has shown over the past years.

The amount the runners wanted to raise was £3600. So far between them they have raised [£waiting to get the final figure]. We would like to thank to everyone who supported our runners by sponsoring them and we asked them to continue their support for ERA-UK in future.